Hello! I, Zack Chamberlain, would like to welcome you to the AHSI application! This will be fun! I am excited to see your application with YOUR name on it! 

Please read everything!

The internship starts September 6th and ends May 31st Applications are due by August 19th. Applications will not be accepted after this date.

There will be a Parent and Student meeting before Anthem on August 10th from 6pm-7pm. Please come to this meeting with your parent or guardian. The Parent and Student Meeting is required for interns to be accepted. 

Do you want to go further in your relationship with Jesus and learn how to love, lead, and live the way Jesus did and does? Do you have a desire to see your family, friends, and this city come to know Jesus? If so, this internship is for you. 

You have the opportunity to leave this internship with a deeper relationship with Jesus and a greater understanding of how to lead people, love people, and live in this amazing life like Jesus. But this will only happen if you dig in and commit. 

This internship will not make you a leader. You already are a leader. This internship will simply help you improve your leadership skills. 

To Apply

    1    Please read and submit this form online and 

    2    Submit a 90 second video of "why you want to be an intern." Get creative! 

What is the AHSI? 

The AHSI is for high school students who want to love, lead, and live like Jesus and who want their family, friends, and city to know Jesus. 

If you want to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus and learn more about how to love, lead, and live like Jesus, the AHSI would be a great fit for you. 

The AHSI is a 9 month commitment that will include ministry tracks, Bible study, life groups, opportunities to lead and serve at Anthem High School on Wednesday nights and Yakima Foursquare Church on Sunday mornings, serving students of Robertson elementary, personal development, and leadership development. 

All interns will both lead in various forms at and attend Anthem High School on Wednesday nights. All interns will also lead at and attend Yakima Foursquare church Sunday mornings. 

In October, one month after the internship starts, the Buddies program at Robertson Elementary will begin. At this program, the interns and other leaders will spend time with elementary kids helping them with homework and playing with them during free time. The start date for Buddies is not certain yet. 

There will also be a few other events for the interns throughout the year. A calendar will be available at the parent and student meeting.

What will I learn? 

You will learn how to love, lead, and live like Jesus, and a lot of other things about living life, loving people, and leading. You will have the opportunity to take part in Bible study, learning about a certain ministry in the church and developing your skills in that ministry, there will be a leadership development speaker every month, and much more. 

Each three months will have a theme that we will focus on. 

We will focus on loving like Jesus during September-November, leading like Jesus during December-February, living like Jesus during March-May. 

What will I do?

  • Weekly schedule:
  • Tuesday 3pm-5pm
  • Wednesday 4pm-9pm
  • Thursday 3pm-5pm
  • Sunday 8am-12pm

The weekly schedule will be explained at the parent and student meeting. 
Feel free to contact me with any questions!

What is expected of me? 

Because there will be people depending on you, if these expectations are not met, you will be released from the internship. 


    •    Be in relationship with Jesus. This doesn't mean that you need to be perfect, this means that you are pursuing Jesus with your life. 

    •    Maintain consistent Bible devotion. 

We will talk about what we get out of Bible devotions over the week every Wednesday to keep each other accountable. 

    •    Set an example. (At Anthem, Sunday mornings, at school, in your home, around your friends. Remember, you are a leader already. You have the power to set an example right now.)

    •    Lift each other up and encourage each other. 

    •    Be present (phones will not be allowed during "focused" internship times). 

    •    Be punctual at all times. 

    •    Be respectful and approachable to leadership and authority.  

    •    Keep good standing in school. 

    •    Remember, your lifestyle represents this internship, the Church, and Jesus Christ.

Questions? Please Contact
Zack Chamberlain, AHSI Director
[email protected]