Join us Sunday, December 16th at 9:00 or 10:30AM to celebrate the receiving of this year's Gift to the World offering!  Can't make it in person?  Just click the button below to give at any time!

In a season marked by the birth of the Greatest Gift, Yakima Foursquare Network Churches have a goal to share the Good News of Jesus in our communities and around the world. On Sunday, Dec. 16th, each church will receive a special offering to be given to the ministries and organizations found in this booklet.

May you experience the deep love of Jesus this Christmas season!


Worldcast Ministries / Harold Eberle - The ministry of Harold Eberle has a heart to serve those enslaved through bonded labor in the brickyards of Pakistan, where women and children make up the majority of the labor. 85% of children working in brick kilns have never attended school. Funds are needed to bring education to the children by providing a school with the necessary staff to help it run. Giving education affords them an opportunity to one day gain employment outside the brickyards.

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The Water Project - The water crisis is real, and affecting women, children, families and farmers. Women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa are spending hours a day fetching dirty water which leads to illness and disease, robbing entire communities of their futures. As we support The Water Project, we help bring clean water through new wells, rehabbed wells, sand dams and catchment systems to schools, medical clinics and villages by partnering with local national leaders.  Click through the pictures below to see the celebration of previous projects representing clean water!


NEW LIFE in Sunnyside plans to give continued assistance to Washington Elementary School through support of their reading program. They will also be partnering with Lower Valley Young Life and the Dungeon Boxing Club.

NEW JOY in Walla Walla will come alongside Blue Mountain Action Council and their Backpack Bridge Program as they provide weekend bags filled with food for students who do not have much to eat at home. The Friday Backpack Program provides weekend nutrition for 20% (around 500 backpacks) of the students eligible for free and reduced-cost meals.

EAST VALLEY desires to be the presence of Jesus to low income families from their adopted school, East Valley Elementary, and the Beauchamp Center, through support of ’The Love Project’ with plans to host a Christmas dinner (children’s gifts included).

YAKIMA FOURSQUARE is excited to support Madison House, a youth center that gives hope to kids surrounded by intergenerational poverty, substance abuse and gang activity, by putting an AC unit in, along with providing other maintenance needs.