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On-Going Serve

Young Life Leader

Disciple students at Eisenhower High School by going to lunches, sporting events, and club. Club is one hour of high energy games and other fun stuff along with a talk about Jesus.

Robertson Elementary Buddies Program

Spend Thursday afternoons from 3:00-5:00 pm with students from Robertson Elementary helping them with homework, and enjoying activities and games together.

NW Harvest: Food Sort

Grab a friend or a family member and come sort food to provide for those in our Yakima Valley at the NW Harvest Warehouse. 911 S. 3rd Street Yakima, WA


YoungLives is a ministry of YoungLife specific for teen moms and their babies. YoungLives mentors come alongside young women in a way we believe Jesus would: with compassion, support, and hope.

Guest Experience: Greeter

Assist in welcoming people at the doors Sunday mornings and handing out printed materials.

Front Desk Receptionist

Assist our office manager in answering phones and doing various office tasks.

Worship Team: Musician

Join our worship team on Sunday mornings and help lead and create an atmosphere of worship. (Currently we are especially in need of drummers.)

Media: Camera Operator

Be a camera operator for our online campus. Learn and develop skills to be used in all areas of video. 

Media: Live Streaming Video Operator

Maintain and run the live streaming software called Wirecast. You will also be managing the video switching and decide when slides or videos will be shown on the live streaming production.

Media: Lights Operator

Maintain and run the lighting board, making sure all the lighting cues are on time.

Media: Sound Operator

Maintain and run the sound board and be in direct contact with the worship team leader. You will make sure all sound in service is functioning correctly.

Media: Floater

Maintain the flow of service in the Crows Nest on a Sunday morning. It is this persons responsibility to make sure everyone is aware of how the service is planned and execute the service order.

Encounter Media

Join our media team and help run sound, lighting and/or slides on Tuesday nights for Encounter. You may choose one of the above listed areas to help with, or rotate through all of them.