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Great Adventures

Robertson Elementary Buddies Program

Spend Thursday afternoons from 3:00-5:00 pm with students from Robertson Elementary helping them with homework, and enjoying activities and games together.

VBS Stage Design

Help us create a fabulous environment for this yearʼs Vacation Bible School.


Assist in making our VBS the best week ever - tons of opportunities!

Event Support

Join us as we conduct our annual baseball camp and VBS, or help us plan and create seasonal celebration events to bring families together and resource them to lead their families at home.

Classroom Prep

Cleaning/organizing rooms and praying for the children who will be attending.

Halfway to Sunday

Prep items needed for Sunday - could involve tracing & cutting, packaging, organizing...these simple tasks help the Bible come alive for our kids!

K-3 Small Group Check-In

Greet kids as they enter the classroom and help them get checked into their small group. Also, direct them to their small group leader and help the new ones get settled in!

K-3 Classroom Facilitator

Facilitate the classroom during a Sunday morning service. Follow a pre-determined order of service and assist small groups moving among the various planned activities. This position might also assist in checking kids out at the end of service.

K-3 Snack Coordinator

Choose snacks (pre-approved) that apply to the theme/lesson, and bring to church on Sunday mornings at 8:00AM (all expenses incurred are reimbursed).

K-3 Small Group Leader

Lead children in a series of activities that support the "bottom line" and bible truth.

K-3 Large Group Leader

Lead children in a large group lesson and provide support to small group leaders.

4's & 5's Small Group Leader

Lead children in a specific activity (craft, game snack) that support the "bottom line" and Bible truth.

Check-in Assistant

Assist in checking kids in to Great Adventures using our computerized system - itʼs easy - and a great way to meet families!

Great Adventures Tour

Take a tour of our Great Adventures Childrenʼs Ministry - learn what we do and how you can join the team to help the next generation discover the great adventure of life with Jesus!