Diane's Story

I was greeted with a warm handshake and a sincere "I'm glad you came." I came that first Sunday with my 22 month old daughter and I asked if children could come into the service; I was told absolutely! I moved to Yakima just six months earlier and was desperate to find a church to plug in to and to make new friends. It was an odd place to have church; the Masonic Temple - that was in November of 1980. Today that same daughter serves as one of the pastors in Children's Ministry and I am as much in love with Yakima Foursquare Church as I was back then. When I moved to Yakima I prayed a very sincere prayer - I just wanted to grow.

I was baptized at nine years old and I knew most every story in the Bible. But that was just not enough - I was ready to meet Jesus, and get to know Him on a personal level. I definitely found what I was looking for! I have had many personal losses through the years, and very dark storms. The relationships I have at Yakima Foursquare and their amazing support is beyond what I can express in mere words. If you are new to Yakima, please come visit us; your story matters too. If you have a little one under the age of two then stop by the nursery; that's where you will find me and I would love to meet you and welcome you to Yakima Foursquare - just like I was!

Dallas's Story

I started going to Yakima Foursquare when I was in the 7 grade, my best friend and his family invited me. What they don't know is they probably saved my life. I will forever be in there debt. The reason being I grew up in a family where we only got one meal a day and I was the, last person on my mom and dad's mind. Often I would have the idea in my mind that nobody loved me or even cared if I lived or died, mind you I was only 13 years old. However when my best friend invited me to church and I gave my life to the Lord and the day I gave my life to the Lord was the very first Sunday pastor Dave took over as the senior pastor. I then finely felt safe, and loved. After I graduated from high school my mom and dad got a divorce, and I started to hang out with people I had no business hanging out with.

So I stopped going to church because I blamed god for what happened to my family. So I started drinking doing drugs and messing around with woman and not caring who I hurt. When I was 22 I had my son and calmed down a little bit but I treated his mom worse than slave. We broke up for a year and I turned wild again, doing drugs and drinking. Not caring who I hurt and blaming everyone for my problems. My girlfriend and I ended up getting back together and we ended up have my daughter. We decided to get married. That's when I made the decision that it was time to go back.

A friend of mine invited me to Morningstar church and my life seemed to change over night I stopped chewing and smoking. Six month went by and my wife and I decided to come back to Foursquare. And in the past 2 years I went from the biggest failure to I'm going to be graduating Perry Techs hvac program. I already have a job in Richland working for the largest freezer company in the world and my wife just got a job offer in Prosser making more money than she's making now. There is no doubt in my mind that God is alive and real. I was a broken man but god has Givin my life back. I will always be great full for what he has done for my family. So I have started to try and repay what he has done for use by giving my nephew a loving home so he doesn't have to go through what I went through. Thank you for listening to my story

Kamaile's Story

My husband and I were looking for a church to go to consistently. We had just gotten married and we're starting our life together. YFC was the first and only church we tried out. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The sense of community was awesome.

We soon became plugged in to Encounter. Encounter has been such a blessing. I am not from Yakima and I knew I needed community in order to keep going. Our first night at Encounter I reconnected with an acquaintance from college. We then became part of her life group and developed good friendships with everyone in the group.

After that I just became more and more involved. I'm part of the Worship team for Encounter. My husband and I are on the prayer team, are life group leaders, and volunteer with Young Life. We asked for community and that's what we got. 

God has been moving and working in our lives. On our 1st anniversary we both decided to be baptized again so we could renew our commitment to Jesus. We love God, we love people, and are so blessed to be members of the YFC family.

Vickie's Story

I had been a drug addict and alcoholic for over 30 years. Since being saved my life has turned around. I am now a Chemical Dependency Professional Counselor and I help others to change their lives. I am proud to say that I have been sober and a member of the Foursquare Church for 9 years and my life today is blessed beyond measure. I believe that when you help others to know him you are doing Gods work and I have no doubt that he has placed me in the position I am in to help others. I also get great pleasure doing volunteer work with the church. I believe that Celebrate Recovery is doing great things in our Valley and I am proud to be an active member of the Foursquare family. I believe that together we can reach a hurting valley and bring help and wholeness to those around us. Thank you for all your prayers and care.