Dallas's Story

I started going to Yakima Foursquare when I was in the 7 grade, my best friend and his family invited me. What they don't know is they probably saved my life. I will forever be in there debt. The reason being I grew up in a family where we only got one meal a day and I was the, last person on my mom and dad's mind. Often I would have the idea in my mind that nobody loved me or even cared if I lived or died, mind you I was only 13 years old. However when my best friend invited me to church and I gave my life to the Lord and the day I gave my life to the Lord was the very first Sunday pastor Dave took over as the senior pastor. I then finely felt safe, and loved. After I graduated from high school my mom and dad got a divorce, and I started to hang out with people I had no business hanging out with.

So I stopped going to church because I blamed god for what happened to my family. So I started drinking doing drugs and messing around with woman and not caring who I hurt. When I was 22 I had my son and calmed down a little bit but I treated his mom worse than slave. We broke up for a year and I turned wild again, doing drugs and drinking. Not caring who I hurt and blaming everyone for my problems. My girlfriend and I ended up getting back together and we ended up have my daughter. We decided to get married. That's when I made the decision that it was time to go back.

A friend of mine invited me to Morningstar church and my life seemed to change over night I stopped chewing and smoking. Six month went by and my wife and I decided to come back to Foursquare. And in the past 2 years I went from the biggest failure to I'm going to be graduating Perry Techs hvac program. I already have a job in Richland working for the largest freezer company in the world and my wife just got a job offer in Prosser making more money than she's making now. There is no doubt in my mind that God is alive and real. I was a broken man but god has Givin my life back. I will always be great full for what he has done for my family. So I have started to try and repay what he has done for use by giving my nephew a loving home so he doesn't have to go through what I went through. Thank you for listening to my story