Gretchen's Story

God answers prayers and shows his purpose for your life; it may take 30 years but God is faithful. 
"I have a gift for you, you are an intercessor." I couldn't believe it, me the gift of intercessory prayer. My friend Barb said yes, I recieved a word of knowldge and it is for you. I faithfully put it in my "gift" basket and went in with my move to Washington. We will flash forward 30 years for the sake of time - to a Sunday Morning service. Pastor Scott brought up a beautiful family and started by telling this story..."this is Mia and her adopted family!" my heart jumped with joy; for many, many months. prayer requests were e-mailed to me on the prayer chain and I prayed that God would work his will in little Mia. All at once this feeling of warm oil annointed me, I felt a hand on my cheek and a kiss on my forehead; hearing "well done my good and faithful servant." I was so blessed, I do have a purpose in life... an intercessor prayer!