Jeff's Story

....I began to see God work before my eyes and see my faith was not misplaced or a waste of time. 

I spent my first year at YFC sitting in the back and attending Sunday mornings on a weekly basis. I had just graduated from college in Colorado, and had moved to Yakima without knowing anyone. I had recently found my faith again in Christ, but I had no intention of going any further than that. 

After a short time the East Valley campus was about to open, and YFC needed people to start serving. I felt compelled to try to do something, so I signed up for greeting. While signing up, I noticed that the worship team needed people to play. As a musician, I was all over that. 

My initial feelings towards playing was more set on playing music than anything else. I cared more about the way my bass sounded during my first few times I was up there. My outlook quickly changed after I saw the Spirit move through the congregation on a Sunday morning. I cannot put into words how powerful it looks (and is) when nearly every person in the sanctuary has their hands lifted and are lost in worship. There is no doubt that God is there touching people's lives, and that He's in control. The best part is that it's something that I can see with my own eyes, so there's no way to doubt that what I'm seeing is real. I had new motivation for playing on a Sunday morning. I want to see that over and over again. 

The same goes for when I'm greeting, or when I'm leading a life group. To see and hear about what God is doing in people's lives is incredible. As soon as I began to serve, my faith began to grow exponentially. 

My recommendation for anyone wondering if they should volunteer would be to don't wait any longer and go for it. There is too much good that can come from it. If I had known that this would strengthen my faith before, I would have signed up much sooner.