Les's Story

Small things from God

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave for my morning routine, I wanted to make sure that I had all that I needed to help out with One Day. I COULDN'T FIND MY WORK GLOVES. It seems that work gloves are like socks... they are always disappearing. 

So, I went to Fred Meyer to get yet, another pair. As I was walking away from the display with my gloves, I noticed a sign"Buy one, get one free..". Great! I thought. Two fer.

I took my two pair of gloves up and paid them and went to the One Day Event. 

As I was working, I noticed a young man that was picking up trash, he was digging out the trash from the weeks, bushes (thorns and all). He wasn't wearing gloves and I could only imagine how this was feeling to him.

As I noticed this, I called out to him - "Do you have any gloves?". "No", he replied. "Would you want a pair?". "Yes". 

God provided a pair of gloves for this young man