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LIFE GROUPS and rooted groups

Life Groups are an essential part of Yakima Foursquare Church, as we work towards our mission of Loving God, Loving People and Serving the World. We believe in the importance of living life in community so each of us can experience healthy spiritual and relational growth within the ABC’s of group life: Accountability, Belonging, and Care.  In order to help you find this kind of community, we feature a GroupLink event every September and January for the purpose of starting new Life Groups and getting people connected to those groups. You can also plug into community any time during the year by clicking the button below.  We are especially excited to be offering life groups two times a year (in Fall, and Winter) for our new discipleship journey titled "ROOTED!"


Anyone interested in finding out more about the ministry of Life Groups at YFC is invited to attend one of our GroupLink events in September or January, or fill out an online connection form by clicking the link below.  GroupLink is an event where you will meet and connect with others for the purpose of starting or joining a small group. Starter groups are small groups of approximately five to six couples or eight to ten individuals that meet weekly in someone’s home for fellowship, Bible study and prayer.  They are for adults of all ages, stages of life and spiritual maturity. 

Special note:  we do not maintain a list of our open life groups on our website for privacy and security reasons.  When you fill out a Life Group Connection form, one of our Life Groups pastors will contact you and help you individually get connected to a group!

Childcare Reimbursement Form

Does the cost of childcare make it difficult for you to participate in a small group or class through our church? We believe your participation in church community is so important, we want to assist you in covering a portion of your childcare expenses to help make it possible for you to be involved in a YFC Small Group or class. You pay your babysitter and our church will reimburse you for a portion of your costs at the following predetermined rate: $5.00 per hour for 1 child, $7.50 per hour for 2+ children, maximum of 2 hours per class/group, capped at $15.00 per night, per family. 

To apply for this reimbursement, submit this form, within 7 days after the date of your group/class meeting. Reimbursement checks are mailed by Thursday afternoons.

Individual Reimbursement Chart
Based on what you pay out each evening for childcare, we will reimburse you at the following predetermined rates:

# of Children 1 Hour 2 Hours
1 $5.00 $10.00
2 or more $7.50 $15.00

Reimbursement is capped at $10 per night per family for families with 1 child, and capped at $15 for families with 2 or more children.